A Child’s Toy

Submitted by Gwen Foster (source unknown)

spotted-dogThe story is told of a young boy who traveled with the wise men on their long journey from Persia to Judea. The men were traveling on camels, and the camels needed care along the way. They needed food and water and grooming, with their feet checked nightly for any injuries. Therefore young lads were employed to do these jobs, and they did them well.

They knew that the adults were bringing gifts for a child who would one day become a king, and they were happy about that. However, there was one boy who seemed troubled as he approached his master and asked if he could bring a gift as well.

The wise man was astonished and asked whatever a boy would have that would be fit for a king! The boy took a small wooden dog out of his pocket. It was white with black spots and had a silly grin painted on its face. Protruding from its side was a key which the boy turned before placing the dog on the ground. Once released, the toy dog turned a somersault and another and another until the spring ran down and then it lay on its side looking up with a silly grin.

The other boys were delighted and laughed merrily but the wise man looked doubtful. “We are going to pay homage to a great king. That is not suitable for a king!”

“I know” said the boy quietly, “but this is for the child he is now…”


“Then they opened their treasures, and presented him with gifts of gold, and of incense, and of myrrh.” (Matthew 2: 11)

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