A Very Unusual Christmas Ornament

CharlieToday – on Thanksgiving – I received a very unusual Christmas Decoration. When I put my Christmas tree up, I’ll be blessed by a very special little boy smiling at me from my tree. His name is Charlie, and he has Down syndrome.

How did I get to meet Charlie? Through Reece’s Rainbow, a non-profit organization that helps fund families wishing to travel to foreign countries, to adopt high-risk children who would most likely otherwise not find a home.

Many of these children don’t just have Down syndrome, but suffer from other conditions such as FAS, or severe birth deformities and health challenges like Treacher-Collins syndrome.

In many countries, there is still real social stigma against such children (often aggravated by economic conditions that don’t allow families to adopt high needs children). By comparison, we’re very fortunate in North America – even in these current economic times.

No Shortage of Families Wishing to Adopt

Americans have opened up their hearts to these children, and there is no shortage of families wishing to adopt! The cost of overseas travel and other high associated expenses are often a huge barrier, however.  And that’s exactly what Reece’s Rainbow is working to eliminate – by accepting donations for many individual “high risk” children to help their prospective new families bring them home.

I asked Andrea Roberts, the director of Reece’s, what she meant by “high risk”. She explained that many children are only given adequate care during babyhood. At a certain point (depending on the country and area) these children are shipped off to institutions, where there is very little one-on-one interaction, therapy or treatment for special needs.

You can donate to help a child unite with an adoptive “forever” family any time – and there is no commitment to sign up for regular donations. Any amount, any time, is welcome: But Reece’s Rainbow is making a special push to raise $1,000 towards each child’s adoption fund by Christmas for this predominantly “high risk” group.

A Lovely Surprise

Today, as a thanks for helping Charlie, I received a beautiful ornament decorated with his photo to put on my tree.  I immediately rushed to the special Christmas page, to see how his little fund (empty when I sent my gift) was coming along. When I first checked out the page and sent a gift for little Charlie only a few short weeks ago, there was less than a $100 total on the entire page in donations.

But if you go to Reece’s Rainbow’s special Christmas page today, prepare to have your heart thoroughly warmed by the results for each of these beautiful children – a true testament to North American generosity!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. 1
    Ursula Miller-Gareri Says:

    What a cutie!

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    He is. :-) I am praying so hard Charlie will find a special family that will really love him, and always keep him a happy little guy.

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