Christmas Chaos Conquers All (Almost)

merry-fresentsWell, in spite of my good intentions and my great beginning with my blog, life caught up with me and I haven’t been able to squeeze a square minute into updating Christmas North this last week.  BUT – I did manage to mail half my Christmas cards (usually I don’t, blush blush) AND – I mailed them on time, so that people will actually get them before Christmas.

And I’ve got all my presents made, bought and wrapped. (Usually, I’m wrapping madly at this very second.)

I met wonderful guest posters, learned some stories from my mother-in-law that I hadn’t heard before and had a lot of fun. My daughter wrote her first-ever blog post anywhere, and in spite of being extremely busy, my sister wrote and illustrated a wonderful 3D Christmas paper tree tutorial.

Thank you so much, everyone.

I can’t wait for tomorrow – it’s going to be December 24, Christmas Eve day… Polish Christmas!  I have dozens of pierogies to make, and a vat of barzcz, as well as an English Trifle (my mother’s contribution to our family traditional Christmas Eve).

Another reason I can’t wait is because my mother-in-law is taking over tomorrow’s post – I’ll be too busy making those pierogies and hanging out with grandchildren.  She lives far away since she re-married, and this is a way for us to share Christmas once more. She has written a very special post for December 24 – a memory of my late father that even I don’t have.  It will be almost like having him back among us again (which he is in spirit, anyway, every Polish Christmas Eve!)

But I’ll leave the last word to my littlest grandson, Leo (age 2 3/4). It’s really the first Christmas where Leo’s been old enough to clue into the whole festivity thing; and my daughter reported, proudly, that he’s beginning to get excited about “Fresents” – and has learned to say: “Merry Christmas!”

As proof, she put him on the phone.

“Say `Merry Christmas’ to Grandma, Leo.”

“Hi, Leo!”

“Hi, Gamma.”

“Merry Christmas, Leo!”


So there we go.

Merry Fresents, everyone!

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