When Christmas Scenery Goes AWOL

christmas-scenery-2Well, this is a miracle! November 21 – and not a flake of snow in sight. Usually, Northern Ontario has seen at least a few decent snowfalls by now – but I’m not complaining!

In recent years, snow has started here in October – and stayed right through till April/May. And yet I’m feeling more “Christmas-y” this year than ever – thanks to my Christmas North blog.

Usually, what happens is this: I mean to make crafts… get a tree… bake… do all those festive things. But work gets in the way. Bills need paying, clients have demands and needs, there are grandchildren to provide with after-school care – and in between, I fall into bed, exhausted. I squeeze in a last minute attempt to knit something when I suddenly realize Christmas is “this week”, not “three weeks from now”. And I finally give up when I realize I’m not going to get the project finished.

christmas-scenery-3That means scrambling to find a last-minute present instead. Somehow, I never do manage to put my tree up. I celebrate over at my son’s house on Christmas Eve; on alternate years, at my daughter’s house on Christmas Day; and that’s it. Christmas is over. I go back to a cold, dark house, flick on the computer and get back to writing the next eBook for the next client.

I think back to my childhood: celebrating Advent, making crafts with my brother and sister and mother, going to church, singing carols with my father, making pierogies and helping my mother lace the Christmas cake with rum. But my mother and my sister both moved 1,000 miles away, and my brother and my dad passed away long ago.

So I was thinking, how can I feel connected again, this Christmas? How can I get people to drop in on my little cottage in the woods, when most of my friends and family are far away and only online?

Christmas North is my answer.

Now ’scuse me – I have some Christmas cookies to bake.

But any time you’d like to drop in and leave a Christmas guest post, I’ll be only too delighted to see you! Just click “Contact Christmas North” in the sidebar and share your own Christmas memories, movies, recipes, traditions or crafts. :)

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