The Singing Christmas Tree

By Gwen Foster

christmas-treeWhen we were living in an urban area and David was a small boy, we purchased Christmas trees from any vendor who was selling nearby. We were careful to choose a spruce that was well shaped, symmetrical all round, and well needled; of a size to suit the space indoors that we had allotted for the purpose.

One year we could not find a suitable spruce and settled for a Scotch Pine.

Shortly after the tree was set up and decorated we heard a sweet gentle sound – a “pingggggg!“. It was coming from the tree and David said: “Our tree is singing” as another similar sound was heard.

In short, the pine cones warmed by the heat of the room were opening and, as they did so, they emitted this special song for us. It was quite lovely, and thereafter we always searched for a Scotch Pine heavily laden with cones which opened over several days (not all at once).


“Let the fields rejoice and all that is therein. Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord.” (1 Chronicles 16: 32 & 33)

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